A Home Away From Home

Sometimes when you travel, you want to feel like you’re at home. Now we don’t mean piles of laundry, errands to run, and bills to pay home, but rather home in the sense that you have privacy and a space where you can settle in and feel completely at ease.

These five properties feature the comforts of home paired with luxury, white-glove service so you can truly relax and enjoy the destination and your “home away from home”.

Behind us is Mantenga Nature Reserve and beside that is Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary , not far away is Hlane Game Reserve and Mkhaya Game Reserve, all the game reserves offer specific activities from Cycling to Game Drives. Conservation area for big game viewing, hiking, horse riding & swimming, plus on-site accommodation.

The reserve is home to the Mantenga Cultural Village, a living museum of old traditions and it represents a classical Swazi lifestyle during the 1850’s. It comprises of 16 huts, kraals and byres for cattle and goats, reed fences and other structures. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the people in the village and can do so by grinding maize, plaiting mountain grass or joining in the Swazi song and dance.

The only real museum in the country, this provides an overview of the history, fauna, and politics of Swaziland. There are exhibits tracing the history with old tools, some ethnographic displays, stuffed animals. And even some old cars driven by the former Kings of Swazilan

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