Sibebe Survivor

There are hikes up Sibebe which one can do any day – and then there is the Sibebe Survivor Challenge, run by the Mbabane Mbaluzi Rotary Club on the first Sunday of August each year. Only 5000 applicants are accepted, in the interests of protecting the environment. It is worth doing, not only for the magnificent scenery, but also for the amazing camaraderie. 

Many local companies send teams dressed in the same shirts, and they have parties afterwards, but you can, as I did, submit an entry for an individual and still be part of every amazing moment on the Challenge itself. 

More about event

  • On a warm morning, this is a tough walk uphill, and some of the downward walk is quite challenging too (not all of it is downhill!), but start early (before 6am!) and you will be up on the plateau in time to enjoy the fresh cool air and magnificent scenery. 
  • Anyone relatively fit can do this, and even some pretty unfit people covered the entire 12km in a few hours. Allow yourself some time on the summit, to enjoy the freshly sliced oranges, have a drink of water or juice, and take plenty of photos.



July - August


Sibebe Rock
Mbuluzi, Eswatini

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